Zagreb 2006
26 September - 1 October




The International Committee for the History of Towns
together with the Section for Urban History of the Croatian National Committee for Historical Sciences, the Department of History, University of Zagreb, and the Croatian Institute for History organize a conference under the title

Town and Communication
(Communication in the towns)

Zagreb, 27th - 30th of September 2006

September 26, Tuesday: Arrival

September 27, Wednesday

9.30-11.00 Visit to the Zagreb City Museum

11.30 Derek Keene: Reflections on communications within medieval towns

13.00-15.00 Lunch break

15.00 Magdolna Szilagyi: Communication Systems in Towns of Western Transdanubia: Changes after the Romans

15.30 Paul Niedermaier: Die Rolle des Verkehrs in der Herausbildung des Strassennetzes in mittelalterlichen Städten im südosten Mitteleuropas

16.00 György Székely: Stadt, Marktflecken und Kommunikation im spätmittelalterlichen Ungarn

16.30 Discussion

Coffee break

17.00 Public lectures:

Ludwig Steindorff: Mittelalterliche Stadttypen in Europa

Nadia Al-Bagdadi: A Missed Revolution? On the Margins and Marginality of Print in Late Ottoman Arab Capitals

September 28, Thursday

9.30 Veronika Novák: Places of Power: the Spreading of Official Information and the Social Uses of Space in Fifteenth-century Paris

10.00 Howard Clarke: Communications in Medieval Dublin

10.30 Discussion

Coffee break

11.30 Roman Czaja: Der System der inneren Kommunikation in den preussischen Städten in Mittelalter und früher Neuzeit

12.00 Thomas Riis: La communication à l' intérieur des villes au Danemark et en Schleswig-Holstein

12.30 Finn-Einar Eliassen: Ferry Services and Social Life in Early Modern Norwegian Towns

13.00 Discussion

14.00-15.30 Lunch break

15.30 Laurentiu Radvan: Between free passage and restriction. Roads and bridges in the towns of Wallachia and Moldavia (16th-18th century)

16.00 Mirela Slukan-Altić: Traffic and its influence on morphological and functional town development: case study of Bjelovar, Sisak and Koprivnica

16.30 Jacinta Prunty: Networking Ireland in the nineteenth century: the role of cartography

17.00 Discussion

Coffee break

17.45 Sándor Biszak: On the Digitalization of Town Atlases – Project Proposal

18.15 Round table on atlases (PDF)

September 29, Friday

9.30 Snješka Knežević: The Tram and the Urban Homogenization of Zagreb (1892 - 1910)

10.00 Richard Harrison: "To Move With the Times We Cannot Have Lines": The Decline of Leicester's Tramway System, 1930-1950

10.30 Frank Cullen: Railways, ports and telephones: the Post Office and communication in nineteenth-century Dublin

11.00 Walter Lalich: Migrant development of communication space in Sydney

11.30 Coffee break

12.00 Discussion

13.00 Final Discussion

14.00-15.30 Lunch Break

15.30 Sightseeing in Zagreb

18.00 CIHV meeting

September 30, Saturday

Excursion to Varaždin

October 1, Sunday Departure

Provisional agenda

Réunion annuelle de la CIHV, Zagreb le 29 septembre 2006
Jahresversammlung der CIHV, Zagreb 29. Septemer 2006
TagesordnungAnnual assembly, CIHV, Zagreb September 29th, 2006

1) Excuses

1) Entschuldigungen

1) Excuses

2) Election du bureau pour cinq ans 2006-2011

2) Wahl des Vorstandes für die Jahre 2006-2011

2) Election of the bureau for 2006-2011

3) Cooptation de nouveaux membres

3) Kooptation neuer Mitglieder

3) Cooptation of new members

4) Renouvellement des mandats pour cinq ans 2006-2011*

4) Erneuerung der Mandate


4) Renewal of mandates 2006-2011*

4) Rapport du trésorier

4) Bericht des Schatzmeisters

4) Report of the Treasurer

5) Réunions ultérieures


5) Kommende Versammlungen

5) Future meetings

6) Atlas

6) Atlanten

6) Atlas

7) Divers

7) Verschiedenes

7) Any competent business

*Mme et MM Reininghaus (Allemagne), Niederstätter (Autriche), Gamrath (Danemark), Szende (Hongrie), Eliassen (Norvège), Devine (Grande-Bretagne).