International Commitee of Historical Sciences

XXII Congress, Jinan 2015

Marjatta Hietala (ICHT), University of Tampere – Finland
President of CISH

Opening of the International Congress
Speech for Professor Serge Gruzinskii
Closing ceremony

Katalin Szende (ICHT), Central European University , Budapest

Cities and their Spaces:
New approaches in urban studies and cartography

Marjaana Niemi (ICHT), University of Tampere – Finland


Anna Anisimova, Institute of World History, the Russian Academy of Sciences – Moscow

Spatial Structures and their Construction in English Monastic Towns

Laurentiu Radvan (ICHT), Facultatea de Istorie, Universitatea “Al. I. Cuza”, Iasi

Space distribution in late medieval and pre-modern towns in the Romanian Principalities

Preston Perluss, IAE, Université Pierre Mendès, Grenoble – France

French monastic urban wealth

Salvatore Bottari, University of Messina – Italy

Sicilian port towns

LI Wei, Shandong University – China

Gentrification in Canadian Inner Cities_abstract

Lars Nilsson (ICHT), Institute of Urban History, Stockholm University – Sweden

Urban Space in the Post-industrial Era