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At the time of its establishment, the founders of the Commission thought it would be useful to prepare some instruments of work that would make possible the comparative study of European cities.

One of the work topics was the preparation of the Elenchus fontium, an anthology of medieval sources to 1250, published separately by country or by groups of countries. Initially a few volumes were organized and published, but presently the initiative has been suspended because of the very high costs of publication, which does not have a market great enough to be able to amortize the editorial expenses.

Volumen I: Allemagne, Belgique, Pays-Bas, Scandinavie. Brill, Leiden 1967
Index PDF

Volumen II,1: France, Luxembourg
Index PDF

Volumen II,2: Grande-Bretagne, Irlande. Brill, Leiden etc. 1988

Volumen III,1: Autriche. Brill, Leiden etc. 1992