Prof. Robert ŠIMŮNEK

a) master’s study at FF UK Prague, history, 1989-1994; thesis:
nternal structure of the Rosenberg dominion under the rule of Oldřich II.
(Focused on the history of the South Bohemian dominion in the post-White Mountain period), 1994
b) Ph.D. study at FF UK Prague, history, 1997-2003; dissertation:
Administrative system of the noble demesne in late-medieval Bohemia.
Rosenberg dominion 1418-1472, 2003 (published under the same title in 2005)
c) DSc. (Research Professor), The Czech Academy of Sciences, dissertation: Representation of the Bohemian Medieval Nobility, 2015
1996-1997, Institute of History of The Czech Academy of Sciences, department of bibliography
Since 1997, Institute of History of The Czech Academy of Sciences, department of medieval history and historical geography
Professional focus
a) medieval history: self-reflection and representation of the nobility; urban history; social history
b) historical geography: development of territorial property structures and residential structures; historical topography; history of the landscape; historical iconography
a) Historical Townʼs Atlas of the Czech Republic
b) Historical Geography Research Centre
c) Cartographic sources as a cultural heritage. Research into new methods and technologies of digitization, access and use of old maps, plans, atlases and globes
d) The development of digital technologies for accessing of prosopografic and topographic card indices of scholars of the past, with particular regard to the card indices of August Sedláček
e) Bohemian nobility in the Late Middle Ages. Spectrum and forms of noble selfreflexion and representation

Editor-in-chief of the reviewed journal Historická geografie.