Kaoru Ugawa

ICHT Intercontinental Member (Japan), 1993-2019

Tokyo, 1931-2019

On July 20, 2019, the Japanese Intercontinental Member of our Commission, Kaoru Ugawa, has passed away. Ugawa graduated from Rikkyō University in Tokyo (a private University, also known as Saint Paul’s University) in 1952 and this University was to become his professional and scientific home for all of his life (Masters’s degree in Economics, 1954; Lecturer of Economic History, 1959-1962; Doctor’s degree in Economics, 1967;.professor, 1968-1996; Director of the Library of Rikkyō University, 1979-1990; Principal of Rikkyō Jogakuin, a private women’s junior college, 1993-2004 and President of the same institution, 1994-2000). Among his manifold functions the Presidency of the Tokyo Study Group in Comparative Urban History (19711-2018), the Corresponding Fellowship of the Royal Historical Society, UK (1997-2019) and the Membership in our Commission (1993-2019) have to be mentioned. 2004, at the General Meeting of our Commission in Vienna he gave a contribution on “Town Planning and Townscape of Japanese Historic Towns: Kyoto and Edo [Tokyo]” which was published in: “Bild und Wahrnehmung der Stadt, ed. F. Opll (Beiträge zur Geschichte der Städte Mitteleuropas, vol. 19, Linz 2004).

Ferdinand Opll (based on information provided by Tatsuyuki Karasawa, Takasaki City University of Economics)