Information on Urban History and Urban Historical Research in Norway

by Aas Steiner


1. Associations and Societies on Urban History

2. City Archives, or general information about city Archives

Norwegian National archive and state archives

Oslo city archives

Encyclopedia of Oslo

Bergen city archives

Trondheim City archive

Stavanger city archive

Tromsø city archive

Net resources for towns and cities in Norway

Architecture and design, urbanism/urban planning – higher education

War reconstruction of World War II ruined cities resource – Sverre Pedersen archive

3. Journals

Journal for local and regional history, Heimen

Historisk Tidsskrift

4. Journals for Regional History including relevant contributions on Urban History

Journal for local and regional history, Heimen

5. Bibliographies

Gateway to published local history_litterature, including regional history and urban history

6. Main Reference Works on Urban History in Norway

Norsk byhistorie, urbanisering gjennom 1300 år by Knut Helle, Finn-Einar Eliassen, Jan Eivind Myhre and Ola Svein Stugu, Oslo: Universitetsforlaget 2006